Netflix users may soon get a big shock IG News

Gadget Desk: If you are looking for OTT to watch web series and movies. Platform (OTT platform) Bad news for you if you use Netflix. If you Netflix with family or friends (Netflix) If you share the password, you will not be able to do so after some time. CEO of Netflix Greg Peters and Ted Sarandos said password sharing will end. Now only one device can be logged in to Netflix at a time. In fact, many users log into one Netflix account in India, due to which the company suffers losses. Now the company is going to stop the facility of sharing login password.

There will be a charge for sharing the password
The company is focusing on growing 1.5 to 2 crore subscribers with a focus on countries like India. American OTT The platform wants users who don’t pay for Netflix yet to start paying to watch content. Let us tell you that in Latin American countries like Costa Rica, Chile, Peru, the company has started testing to end password sharing.

In such countries, the company charges $3 (about Rs. 250) from users who run Netflix with the passwords of friends or relatives. Currently, the company has not told how much will be paid for password sharing in India. However, it may also happen that even here payment is fixed as per the global rate. In other countries including India, the company may start ending password sharing from March 2023.