Never seen such a disaster anywhere, the world has no idea of ​​the destruction caused by the flood: Angelina Jolie IG News

Hollywood actress and philanthropist Angelina Jolie, who is visiting Pakistan to show solidarity and support to the flood victims, visited the National Flood Response Coordination Center.

Deputy Chairman NFRCC Ahsan Iqbal welcomed Ms. Jolly and thanked her for coming to Pakistan during one of the worst floods in Pakistan’s history.

Angelina Jolie was briefed on the flood response and measures taken.

Speaking on this occasion, Angelina Jolie said that she was deeply moved by seeing the suffering of the people during her visit to Dadu in Sindh province yesterday, where she met the flood victims. Angelina Jolie said that she was affected by the flood. are with the people and will do their best to tell the world how much destruction these climate changes have caused and what help they need to save lives. “I have never seen this before, this difficult,” he said. Standing with Pakistan in time. He further said that I request the international community to help Pakistan more, I have seen with my team how the Pakistan Army has saved the lives of flood affected people. Efforts have been made.

The Paywood actress said, “I have seen and met people whose lives have been saved, but if they don’t get more help, they may not survive in the next two weeks.” said that even if the flood-affected people survive now, how these people will spend the winter, it is not even possible for me to think. Angelina Jolie said that I am here as a friend of Pakistan, and I will continue to try to return the love I have received here in some other way.