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New government policies have turned the education department into a laboratory: teachers’ unions.

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Gujranwala (Special Representative) The new policies of the previous and present Punjab government have made the education department a laboratory. Guardians of the ideological boundaries of countries and nations are involved in non-teaching duties and drowning in education. Due to the lack of books available to children studying in government schools, parents, students and teachers feel ashamed. These views were expressed by teachers of the Punjab Teachers’ Federation and the Municipal Corporation in a joint statement. Central president Chaudhry Taj Haider, president of the Principals’ Association Rasheed Ahmed Bhatti, president of the Punjab Teachers’ Union Chaudhry Ullah Rakha Gujjar and others said the book does not Ready for government school students even at the start of the semester. Because of such future Architects are in trouble Students studying in government schools started buying manuals and cheat sheets due to the lack of books in the market. Due to bad policies of the government Parents and students are thus forced to personally purchase Urdu medium books from stores. Even though the book is given away for free. The books given to students are in English medium. In schools, students are taught in Urdu. But under the shadow of the Punjab government English medium books are officially printed and sent to schools. This is not beneficial to students and harmful to the finances of the Punjab government. and is a question mark about the academic performance of the province, department.

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