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Budget 2023: The budget is being presented today by the Bhagwant Mann government. This is the second budget of the AAP government. In this budget, importance has been given to agriculture, education and health sector. Finance Minister Harpal Cheema made a big announcement in the budget and said that free electricity will continue for farmers. 9331 crores reserved for electricity subsidy. Finance Minister Harpal Singh Cheema fixed a budget of 13 thousand 888 for the agriculture of Punjab. Finance Minister has announced crop insurance scheme for farmers. This year’s budget of the Punjab government will be 1 lakh 96 thousand 462 crores, which is 26 percent more than last year. Meanwhile, new medical colleges have been announced in Kapurthala and Hoshiarpur. Know more about it specifically‚Ķ

Education and health sectors…

Let it be known that Finance Minister Cheema claimed that the ‘AAP’ government is focusing most on education and health sectors, but equal attention is being paid to other sectors. Cheema said that when his government assumed power, he inherited a huge debt, which was taken by the previous governments. Despite this, the AAP government is determined to take Punjab forward. Accordingly, from them

Let it be known that the Punjab government has announced the opening of new medical colleges in Kapurthala and Hoshiarpur by the Finance Minister. Finance Minister Harpal Cheema said that Rs 1,015 crore has been earmarked for medical education in the financial year 2023-24. Institute of Trainer will be established in Lalru. Along with this, sports have also been given importance. The Punjab government has set aside 258 crore rupees for sports. Finance Minister Harpal Cheema said that the youth of Punjab will be inspired towards sports. A comprehensive plan will be made for this.

17,072 crore for education…

Along with this, the Punjab government has proposed Rs 17,072 crore for school and higher education, which is 12% more than last year. Apart from this, a provision of Rs 615 crore is proposed for the improvement of technical education institutions, which is almost 6 per cent more than last year. 1,015 crore has been earmarked for medical education in the financial year 2023-24.

School teachers only work to teach…

Along with this, he said that only the managers will handle the administrative work in the schools while the teachers will only see the work of teaching.

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