New Prime Minister’s House at Rs 360 Crore: Central Govt Decision- Dinamani IG News


New Delhi: The central government has decided to construct a new Prime Minister’s House at a cost of Rs 360 crore as part of the Central Vista project in New Delhi.

The construction of the complex with the Prime Minister’s residence and office at a cost of Rs 360 crore will begin soon.

The Central Public Works Department has invited eligible companies to complete the construction within 21 months from the date of tender for the construction of the Prime Minister’s residential complex worth Rs.360 crore.

The Prime Minister’s new residence on Tara Shiko Road will have two floors and the new residential complex will have a cement concrete structure with ground floor parking and first floor and guest house, special security team office, support staff quarters, Central Public Works Department office etc. Four entry and exit gates, as well as 25 observation towers are to be constructed.

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The complex is being built as part of the Central Vista redevelopment project next to the President’s House and South Block.

It is noteworthy that tenders for the construction of a new residential complex for the Prime Minister at a cost of Rs 360 crore were initially floated in July this year, but were withdrawn four days later citing ‘administrative reasons’ without any explanation.


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