New Red Cross office in Kassala

Khartoum: Attiba

The designated Wali of Kassala, Al-Tayyib Mohamed Al-Sheikh, inaugurated the ICRC office, the Sub-Delegation for Eastern Sudan,

The Wali said that Kassala is a border state that received refugees from neighboring countries who shared services and all needs with local communities.

He pointed out that the state was exposed to many problems due to wars, floods, torrents, health problems and cross-border diseases associated with refugee flows, in addition to the various types of smuggling.

He stressed that the presence of an office of the Red Cross and other organizations will help a lot in mitigating the effects of these disasters on citizens.

For his part, the head of the International Committee of the Red Cross delegation in Sudan, Pascal Totan, affirmed the committee’s support for the various state programs and its transparent dealings.

He reviewed the role of the Committee, especially with regard to providing assistance to people who lost contact with their families due to armed conflicts.

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