New rule for appointment of MBBS doctors in Punjab, Duty will have to be given in Mohalla Clinics first IG News

New rule for appointment of MBBS doctors in Punjab, first in Mohalla Clinics

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CHANDIGARH,(AZAD SOCH NEWS):- Those who become doctors after doing MBBS from medical colleges of Punjab will no longer get direct posting in hospitals, according to the government, after obtaining MBBS degree, doctors will not go directly to hospitals to provide services, they will come to Mohalla Clinics, when they After two-three years of good practice, they will be sent to big hospitals.

It used to be very rare that doctors were appointed in dispensaries in rural areas after doing MBBS, due to which most of the rural medical centers are lying vacant, even today many dispensaries in rural areas ), where no doctor has come for years, of course the opponents are shouting that every village already had a dispensary, then what was the need for Mohalla Clinics, but in dispensaries in rural areas. For years there is neither staff nor medicines.

In such a situation, after the opening of the Mohalla Clinic, there is now a ray of hope among the people towards health services, on the other hand, experts in the medical field believe that if the general clinics opened in Punjab on the lines of Delhi If Aadmi’s Mohalla Clinic is successful, then it will have a big impact that the load of big hospitals in the cities will also reduce.

In Mohalla Clinic, patient information will be online, when a person goes to the clinic for treatment, the information obtained from the tab will be recorded in the record of the health department, after which the doctor told the patient about the disease. What medicine was given, x-ray or any test done, this information will also be available online with the department, Mohalla Clinics will open from 8 to 2 in summer and from 9 to 3 in winter.


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