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New tips to make PSL matches more interesting

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There are new suggestions to make the upcoming Pakistan Super League (PSL) matches more interesting.

Various suggestions Regarding playing conditions, it was considered at today’s PSL meeting.

Sources said it was suggested that two sets of team documents be given to both teams on the occasion of the toss. Teams can select any side as their final eleven after the toss results. The objective of the proposal is to minimize gambling losses.

Like Big Bash, Power Surge is also being considered in PSL.

In Power Surge, teams can have two power plays from the 11th all the way to the end.

According to sources, only two people will be outside the circle during the two surges. In the case of playing power surge conditions The first power play will be four overs.

Sources say the PSL management does not support the X factor or its impact on the players in the league.

Sources said the proposed playing conditions will be considered further at the next meeting. The PSL management also sought feedback from the franchises to make the competition more interesting.

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