Newly married woman hanged herself, died. Father alleges he killed his daughter for dowry IG News

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A 20-year-old newly married woman committed suicide by hanging herself in Chambal Guda village under Devgarh police station area of ​​Morena. The woman’s parents reached the spot, upon which the woman’s husband and other members of the family ran away. The woman’s parents have accused her in-laws of killing her.

Let us tell you that the marriage of newly married Ruby was done by her father Raghunath Parmar, resident of Jagner, Agra, with all the pomp and show as per his capacity. But the girl’s in-laws kept harassing her every day. Father Raghunath Parmar told that his son-in-law always used to say that we also want the same amount of dowry that you have given in the marriage of your elder daughter. Raghunath Parmar always avoided this by saying that we will give it when our son gets married. But Ruby’s husband Pawan Sisodia did not like this and he used to beat her every day. Due to this fight, Ruby tied a saree around her neck on the intervening night of Tuesday and Wednesday and committed suicide by hanging herself.

The husband and brother-in-law ran away from his brother after being caught.

As soon as Ruby’s parents got the news of the incident, they immediately went to Chambal Guda village. Seeing them and the police, Pawan Sisodia and his brother ran away from home. His parents also ran away and were later caught by the police.

The dead body was cremated and the father took it with him.

After getting his daughter’s body embalmed, Ruby’s father Raghunath Parmar took his daughter’s body with him to his village Jagner.