Newlywed couple beheaded-Dinamani IG News

Newlywed couple beheaded-Dinamani

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A newlywed couple has been beheaded in Uttar Pradesh, police said.

Upon learning of the incident, the police immediately rushed to the spot and sent the bodies of the deceased couple for autopsy.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Prajesh Srinivaswada said, “Shivam Tiwari (27) and his wife Julie Tiwari (24) were sleeping in their room. Shivam Tiwari’s father Deepak Kumar and his brother are sleeping in the upstairs room. Some are staying in rented accommodation. Today (Thursday) a renter went inside and saw Shivam Tiwari’s room door open. Shivam Tiwari and his wife Julie Tiwari were found strangled in a pool of blood. ”

The police said that when they saw the cut wound on the neck of the murdered couple, it was clear that the killer had killed them with a sharp weapon.

Police have registered a case and are investigating the incident.



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