Nithyananda who rocked America… Fraud in the name of Sister City IG News

Controversial preacher Nithyananda, who was expected to go to jail for sex cases, suddenly fled abroad. In a few months they bought an island in the Pacific Ocean and named it Kailasa and announced a separate passport, flag and currency notes as “one country of my own, one people of my own”.

He appeared on YouTube from time to time and gave spiritual sermons as a challenge to catch me if possible. There was also an incident where his health worsened and he sought medical help from Sri Lanka. It was in this context that Nithyananda turned his attention to the UN. He created a stir by announcing female ambassadors as ambassadors to various countries on behalf of Kailash.

Vijaya Priya Nityananda was appointed as ambassador to the United Nations on behalf of Kailash. His recent speech at the UN General Assembly in Geneva caused controversy. These photos posted on Nithyananda’s Twitter page went viral.

Only then was it revealed that the UN Human Rights Organization in Geneva allows them to speak at their meetings regardless of their membership. Kailash was recognized by the UN using this, and the slogan “Victory Victory” was exposed on behalf of Kailash.

Following the setback for Kailash in the UN Assembly. Kailash’s next target turned to America. Nithyananda’s disciples said that a memorandum of understanding for the development of the people of both sides has been signed between the city of Newark in New Jersey, United States of America, and Kailasa last January.

The agreement was made in accordance with the ‘Sister Cities’ organization, which was created as an opportunity to learn about different cultures between communities in the United States and communities in other countries. Newark Mayor Russ J. Baraka and Kailash Representative Vijay Priya Nithyananda signed the agreement.

With this, the United States has declared Kailasa as a sovereign country, they said again. But the mayor of Newark, aware of the attempts to use these agreements to build Kailash as a separate country, has now announced the cancellation of the agreement with Kailash.

The mayor of Newark, who said he was cheated by Kailash, said the deal was canceled because he discovered Kailash was not a real country. He also claimed that Newark was the victim of a scam.

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The funny thing about this is that Kailasa has made agreements with more than 30 cities in the United States, including Newark, Richmond, Ohio, Dayton, Ohio, and Buena Park, Florida. A news agency in the country pointed out that these provinces have entered into agreements without verifying information about Kailash.

This aside, Nityananda’s female emissaries approached many more cities to force a treaty. Other cities, like Newark, are now in the process of canceling their contracts.

With this, Kailash’s attempt to gain separate state status through treaties has now been thwarted. Kailash, which has challenged India and has now shaken America, has made the world look back.

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