Nitish Kumar broke his silence on the raid on Lalu Yadav’s family and RJD leaders, said… – Latest Bihar News| Current News of Bihar IG News

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has given his first reaction to the raid on Lalu Prasad Yadav’s family and RJD leaders on Saturday. ) When the government is formed the raid starts. What is the matter now, what can be said in this? Those whose place was raided have already told what it is.

Let me tell you about the summons on Tejashwi Yadav, said that with whom it has happened, he should keep answering, what will we say? The Chief Minister said that from the beginning till now we do not say anything about what happens somewhere. Even when it happened in the year 2017, we did not say anything. At that time RJD and JDU were separated because of these reasons. Now five years After that it is being raided again because we have come together. What to say in this. For how many years the raid is going on

Next, CM Nitish Kumar said that in the year 2017 there was talk, then we accepted the people there and we went with them (BJP). When we came here again, it all started. Now what to say in this , Whatever the matter is, I am not able to understand. Apart from this, Nitish Kumar reacted on many issues. On Friday, he did not give any statement regarding the raid on Lalu family. He left silently. But today on Saturday, he It has been clearly said that whenever the grand alliance government is formed in Bihar, all this starts happening.


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