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Shiv Sharan Yadav

BJP succeeded in overthrowing Uddhav Thackeray’s government by holding hands with Shiv Sena rebels in Maharashtra. BJP tried to do the same in Bihar; But Nitish Kumar had a grip on the United Janata Dal party. That is why he reversed the strategy of BJP. It is inevitable that this incident will have an impact on the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

Bihar’s ruling Union Janata Dal and BJP have been at loggerheads since last year. The BJP and the Sanyukta Janata Dal are at loggerheads over the issues of the amended Citizenship Act, national security and special status for Bihar. Meanwhile, the United Janata Dal dropped its leader, RCP Singh, who is close to the BJP, from the cabinet. It was Singh who was taken by the BJP to the national executive meeting in Hyderabad. BJP was trying to make Singh the Eknath Shinde of Bihar. In the last assembly elections, the BJP took Chiragpaswan hand in hand and reduced the seats of the United Janata Dal. While giving the chief ministership to the United Janata Dal, the BJP took important accounts to itself. Nitish Kumar was always in trouble for one reason or another. Now Home Minister Amit Shah was on his way to end the United Janata Dal. In Bihar, the BJP tried whether it could create a vertical split in the United Janata Dal. Uddhav Thackeray became a raw player in the struggle in the legislature. Not so with Nitish Kumar. He is a murrabi politician. He timely undermined Singh’s ambitions.

Singh, former president of the United Janata Dal, was also an important leader of the party. He was a minister in the BJP-led Narendra Modi government. He was associated with Nitish Kumar for nearly three decades as an official and leader; But for the past few days, he was moving away from the party and Nitish. Sources have claimed that RCP Singh tried to break many JD MLAs. He was invited to join the BJP by inciting against Nitish Kumar. After some of these MLAs raised this issue, Nitish Kumar had to take a tough and big decision.

The struggle between Nitish Kumar and the BJP was going on for four months, in which the BJP strategists lost. After the breakup of the alliance, BJP president J. P. Nadda held a meeting of the ‘Core Group’ in Bihar. According to experts, this incident has dealt a blow to BJP’s ‘Mission 2024’. In South India, BJP has so far not been able to gain a foothold in other states except Karnataka.

Going by the statistics, the fight for 266 Lok Sabha seats for BJP in 2024 may be tougher than in 2019. Bihar has 40 Lok Sabha seats. In 2019, the National Democratic Alliance had won 39 seats. In Bihar, BJP has got 20 percent and Maha Aghadi 80 percent. Now with the grand alliance, there will be 60 percent vote difference between BJP and others. Nitish Kumar has defeated the BJP, which is at the top of the fray. In the last six years, the BJP toppled governments in four states; But it lost its own government for the second time in Bihar. Seven states in the North-East have either the BJP or the NDA in government; But they have only 25 Lok Sabha seats. At the same time, Bihar, Bengal, Odisha and Jharkhand have a total of 117 seats. Nitish Kumar’s innings can change the situation.

BJP won Uttar Pradesh (65 seats), Madhya Pradesh (28), Rajasthan (25), Gujarat (26), Chhattisgarh (9), Uttarakhand (5), Himachal (4), Delhi (7), Haryana (9), Maharashtra. (23) won more than two hundred such seats. If we want absolute majority in 2024, these 263 seats have to be won. At the same time new areas have to be entered. In this background, Nitish Kumar has taken this decision keeping some big goals in mind. His aim may be to become the prime ministerial candidate of the opposition parties in the 2024 elections. Compared to 2014, the situation is more favorable for Nitishukmar in the future. At that time the United Progressive Alliance was in power and the natural prime ministerial candidate could have been from that alliance. Today, the opposition does not have such a strong face. Samyukt Janata Dal believes that Nitish Kumar is capable of filling this seat. Many political diplomats also claim that this leader is capable of challenging Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The ruling coalition government in Bihar has been at loggerheads for a long time over various issues. Now Nitish Kumar has formed the government with Tejashwi Yadav. In 2017, Nitish Kumar joined the BJP after resigning as Chief Minister accusing him of corruption and formed the government with the help of BJP. Tejashwi Yadav called Nitish Kumar ‘Paltu Ram’. Now BJP has called Nitish ‘Paltu Ram’. It is also alleged that BJP used Chirag Paswan to weaken Nitish Kumar.

According to sources close to Nitish Kumar, the main reason for his displeasure was that Amit Shah wanted to take control of Bihar remotely. Nitish Kumar did not attend several meetings called by Shah and the Prime Minister to express his displeasure against this. Nitish Kumar cited ill health as the reason for not attending the Chief Minister’s meeting called by the Prime Minister; But in between he attended two government programs in Patna. For the last two years, Nitish Kumar felt that the BJP was trying to reduce its political space, while the BJP was calling it Nitish Kumar’s fear. Regarding breaking the alliance with the BJP, Nitish Kumar said that he was saddened that there was an attempt to create a dispute between two communities in Bihar. Senior BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad has accused Nitish Kumar of killing the mandate. Not only this, Tejashwi Yadav has also talked about implementing his 2020 agenda. This means that Nitish Kumar will have to accept many demands of the Rashtriya Janata Dal. Whether they like it or not. Time will tell how right this decision of Nitish Kumar is; But this situation has created a bit of a tough situation for the BJP and the party has lost a good opportunity to establish its foothold in Bihar.


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