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Nagpur High Court

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Nagpur. On May 2, 2012, he applied to the Municipal Corporation, demanding a job in place of his mother, who was working as a sweeper in the Municipal Corporation, as per the recommendations of the Lad-Page Committee. But due to the decision not being taken on this application till now, a petition was filed in the High Court on behalf of Reena Buxaria. After hearing this, Justice Atul Chandurkar and Justice M.W. Chandwani ordered the municipal commissioner to take cognizance of the petitioner’s application.

On behalf of the petitioner S.D. Kalyani, on behalf of Municipal Corporation. SM On behalf of Uke and other defendants, A.M. Madiwale advocated. It was told on behalf of the petitioner that on January 31, 2012, his mother retired from the job of Municipal Corporation, before which the mother nominated the petitioner for the job. Even after being married, the petitioner was requested to be included in the job as per the recommendations of the Lad-Page Committee.

NOC sought from heirs

On behalf of the petitioner, it was told that after the request of the mother, an application was made for the job on May 2, 2012, after which the Municipal Corporation sent a letter on July 4, 2018, six years later. In which, according to the notification issued by the state government on October 21, 2011 and February 26, 2014, the petitioner was instructed to bring no-objection certificates from the other 5 legal heirs of the family. It was told on behalf of the petitioner that since he had a dispute with these family members, it has not been possible to obtain a no-objection from them. Therefore, the petitioner requested to give him a job instead of his mother.

Provision rejected in new notification

During the hearing, the court was told that a notification has been issued on 24 February 2023 by the Social Justice and Special Assistance Department of the state government. In the notification issued regarding the recommendations of the Lad-Page Committee, the provision for obtaining no-objection has been removed. In view of this, the court said that at present this notification is in force and issued orders to take cognizance of the petition given by the petitioner. The court clarified in the order that the notification dated 24 February 2023 should be taken into consideration while deciding on the application. The court also ordered to take the decision by the end of April and inform it to the petitioner. The court ordered the petitioner to appear before the commissioner at 11.30 am on March 28.


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