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Mumbai: There is good news for users watching videos on the video streaming platform YouTube. Now from April 6, users are going to get rid of advertisements appearing on YouTube. The company has said that it is making many new changes in the platform. According to this, overlay advertisements will now be removed on the YouTube platform. This change will be applicable from April 6 on the video streaming platform YouTube. The company has shared its information on its YouTube Support Page. But users will have to bear the brunt of banner or small ads while watching videos.

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According to the company, this new feature will be applicable only on the desktop version of YouTube. That’s why mobile app users will not be able to take advantage of this facility at the moment. Overlay ads appear above or below the video. Which is visible with the video. There is no problem with these ads while playing the video. Such advertisements are rarely shown on mobile. You can also remove these ads by clicking on the cross button. But it is very difficult to remove these ads. Because often after clicking on the cross, it takes you directly to the advertisement page, in which case the fun of watching the video is lost.

What other types of ads are there on YouTube?

Display Ads: These ads appear to the right of the video on desktop and above the video on phone and desktop. There is no problem watching the video with these ads.

Skippable video ads: These ads play before or during the main video. Users can skip it after 5 seconds.

Non-skippable Video Ads: These commercials must be watched before the main video. These ads usually run for 15-30 seconds.

Bumper Ads: These ads are non-skippable, but have an average length of about 6 seconds.

Sponsor Video: These ads show information about a product in the middle of the video.


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