No rain since last 10 days, crisis on paddy crop, corn and soybean grains will become thin. It has not rained for 10 days, crisis on paddy crop, maize and soybean grains will have to be thin IG News

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  • No Rain Since Last 10 Days, Crisis On Paddy Crop, Corn And Soybean Grains Will Become Thin

Betul2 hours ago

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Despite the month of Sawan and August coming to an end, the district has received only 28.68 inches of rain this year. Which is 23 inches less than last year. There has been no heavy rain in the district for the last 10 days. Due to this, there has been a crisis on the paddy crop. Due to late planting of paddy, sufficient water was not available.

Now due to lack of rain, farmers have to irrigate through tube wells and wells to save their crops. The crops of those farmers who do not have irrigation facilities are beginning to wither. At the same time, maize and soybean crops are also being affected by lack of rain. There is a possibility of grain thinning due to stoppage of growth of crops on light soil.

Paddy has been planted in 32 thousand hectares in the district. Most of it is in Chopna rehabilitation area. This time the planting of paddy has been delayed. Farmer Kishore Vishwas of Chopna said that due to lack of rain, the paddy crop is not able to grow. That is why most of the farmers are irrigating through tubewells, wells and ponds.

He told that if it does not rain soon, the crops will be damaged. Juwadi farmers Narendra Mehto, Rajesh Mehto, Vikrant Mehto, Vishal Mehto, Lakhan Yadav told that maize and paddy are in great need of water. Now is the time for crop growth. In such a situation, due to lack of rain, they are irrigating with their own means. Otherwise the crops will be on the verge of drying up.