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Nokha got 2 Cleanliness Survey Achievements | Nokha achieved 2 achievements in cleanliness survey: 69th among cities with 1 lakh population, first in the country among cities with 50 thousand population. IG News


Nokha2 hours ago

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The cleanliness survey 2023 under the Swachh Bharat Mission campaign did not fare well for both the state and the district. For both, there was a drop in ranking compared to last year. This time, Bikaner Municipal Corporation has secured 342nd position in the country and 18th. city ​​in the country. Whoever received this information must have been upset and saddened, but in the meantime there is good news. While the name Dungarpur comes among the cities with a population of lakhs, Nekha is not far behind in this.

Naekha has also included cities with one lakh population in the list.

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