Northumberland Strait fall lobster fishery opens under favorable conditions IG News

Irshadgul News report,

After several delays, the fall lobster season is officially underway in Lobster Fishing Area 25.

This region includes fishermen from southern PEI, northwestern Nova Scotia, and southeastern New Brunswick.

The season was supposed to start on Wednesday but was pushed forward due to bad weather.

Charlie McGeoghegan, president of the Lobster Fishers of PEI Marketing Board, says the boats set out on Sunday morning to cast their nets.

“Any time you can get a scheduled day where the weather is nice and everyone is safe, they are optimistic,” McGeoghegan said.

That said, much of the spring-caught produce is either already sold out or being bid for – increasing demand for this season’s catch.

A lobster is shown with stripes on its claws.
While the weather is different every year, it’s always a surprise, says a New Brunswick fisherman. (Brian McInnis/CBC)

McGeoghegan said fishermen expect this to drive up prices per pound compared to last year, which saw canner selling for $5-5.50 a pound and big-market lobster $6-6.50.

This year’s prices have not been confirmed but McGeoghegan said he expected them to rise “at least a few dollars”.

The season usually starts between August 9-10, but this year strong winds pushed it back.

Fishermen and officials from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans first decided during a conference call on August 8 to delay the start and wait for good weather to start the season. The start date of the season was confirmed in the fifth conference call on August 11.

For safety reasons, relatively good weather is required for the daybreak, when the lobster nets are hauled on the boats.

Mark Arsenault, president of the Prince County Fishermen’s Association, said Sunday brought “beautiful” weather on the water.

After leaving the dock at 6 a.m., he and his crew cast 250 nets and finished around 1 p.m. “They’re still smiling, so they’re not too tired, I don’t think.”

trying to cover the costs

Arsenault, who has been fishing for more than 40 years, expects the market this season to be better than last when the cost per pound barely covered expenses, he said.

About 220 PEI fishermen work in LFA 25.

He said, “I was talking to one of my board members [the mood on] The pier was really nice,” Arsenault said.

A man wearing a wide-brimmed hat stands on a lobster fishing boat and smiles at the camera.
Marc-Antoine Gauvin standing on a fishing boat at Aboito Wharf in Cap-Acadia, NB (Louis-Philippe Trojo/Radio-Canada)

Marc-Antoine Gauvin, who fishes off the Aboito Wharf in Cap-Acadia, NB, said the best catches of the year usually come in the first few days of fishing.

“It’s the best feeling because we wait for this all year and now is the time to shine,” Gauvin said. “We have a beautiful day.”

Starting the season on a Sunday is unusual, but he said fishermen agreed to make an exception because of the delay.

Gavin said that he is very happy that his nets are in the water.

Each year has a different season, but he said fishermen should adapt to it and work around it.

“Overall it’s a good strain [I’m] Looks good,” Gauvin said.