Not afraid of Putin’s threats: Biden IG News

Puber Kalm Web Desk: 4 regions of Ukraine have been included in the Russian mainland. Then Russian leader Putin made a solitary comment about the dominance and aggression of America and its allies. Said in a threatening tone; Russia will protect the new 4 regions at any cost.

After hearing this from Putin, US President Joe Biden said; America is not afraid of Putin’s threats. President Biden addressed the President of Russia in an event held at the White House; ‘We stand ready with NATO and its allies to defend every inch of our land.’

Putin has threatened to use nuclear weapons to protect the 4 territories after the annexation of Russian territory. He declared 4 territories as part of Russia. After this announcement, US President Biden reacted sharply at the White House.

Jens Stoltenberg, the secretary general of the military alliance NATO, also termed the inclusion of 4 regions as a ‘deadly provocation’. Last week Putin said; Russia has a wide variety of weapons of mass destruction. ‘The motherland will be defended with all we have. I’m not kidding.’ The Kremlin said; Any attack on the 4 regions connected to Russian territory will be considered an attack on Moscow soil. This can escalate the war.


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