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The RAA is asking members to vote for a road transport and safety specialist from its board, saying it lacks the skills and experience required to “end the 2022 support criteria”.

As a four-way struggle for three vacant seats on the state’s leading road advocacy and insurance board rages on, Martin Smalls, former registrar of motor vehicles and road safety consultant, is the only candidate not endorsed by the board.

The election material sent to members said, “The Board does not endorse Mr Small because he has not demonstrated that he meets the 2022 approval criteria because he has sufficient skills in any highly desired or desired skill category.” No skill or experience.”

RAA president and board chairman Peter Seibels said members voted to introduce constitutional changes at a meeting in March last year, where board members were assessed for certain skills, knowledge and experience to fill identified skill gaps. is done for.

In the lead up to this board election, information technology, digital, consumer, legal and regulatory And cyber Safety was identified as a critical skill in the support criteria.

“This year all candidates running for election, or re-election, were required to be assessed against these skills,” Seibels said.

“We acknowledge the valuable contribution that Mr. Smalls has made during his three-year tenure on the Board, however, Mr. Smalls could not demonstrate sufficient skill or experience in any of the highly desired and desired skills to support him. had not been.”

Seibels is a Professional Director and Consultant. He is currently the President of 4D Advisory Pvt Ltd, Fox Creek Wines, Robert Mainz, Hood Sweeney and Director of the Electricity Industry Superannuation Scheme, RAA Insurance and ECH, as well as a member of the University of Adelaide Finance Committee.

Small, who is currently traveling in Thailand and India to advise on road projects, was cautious about the lack of RAA approval, saying the organization had moved from its parent Royal Automobile Association to focus on motor vehicles. Areas like home insurance were also covered.

“I have a few people who are members,” he said, adding that although he had accepted the process, he was still expected to vote back on the board.

“As a former registrar of motor vehicles with 25 years in transportation leadership roles, I am passionate about road safety, and would like to see the Safety Star ratings published for our regional highways,” said Smalls.

“In the 1990s the RAA and other clubs began publishing results with crash test cars and safety ratings …. Applying this to the roads allowed our members to know more about the roads they travel Will get

The three candidates endorsed for the board spot include current board member David Osborne.

His candidacy statement states that he brings skills and experience in technology and digital marketing, perspective as a business leader with Kimberly Clark and Deltec and “as a motorist and parent of young drivers to my thought”.

“Technological transformation is a key component of our strategic growth agenda. With multi-million dollar technology investments made over the next three years, RAA should be well positioned to transform our member’s digital experience.

Sitting board member Victoria Angove is joint managing director at Angoves, a director at Australian Grape & Wine Incorporated and a group of independent winemakers with a strong sales and marketing background.

“As joint managing director of our family business, Engov Family Winemakers, I bring to the board my experience of running a large, successful, consumer-oriented business,” said Engov.

“This is a multi-generational business that contributes to my understanding of decision-making for the long-term well-being of all stakeholders.”

“As a current member of the RAA’s Governance, Nomination and Remuneration Committee and Investment Committee, I actively drive best-practice governance practices and oversee significant investments in innovation and technology.”

John Van Ruth is chief executive officer of Lutheran Disability Services, director of Hambs, Wyatt Trust and ElderCare.

“I am passionate about helping SA businesses through financial acumen, effective governance and innovation. I have a deep sense of social justice and giving back to the community,” he said.

“My early career roles as partner in charge of the ecommerce practice for Arthur Anderson Canada and chief information officer roles at Falling and Adelaide Bank will help me bring strategic information security and technology experience to RAA.”

He previously worked for RAA as General Manager Information Technology and is a car enthusiast and a member of the Historical Car Club.

There are approximately 775,000 eligible RAA voting members – each with an RAA qualifying product such as road service or insurance. Voting is open now and will end on October 14, ahead of the Annual General Meeting.

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