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‘Not even the basic qualifications for governor’: Durai Vaiko’s speech in Trichy IG News


K. Shanmugavadivel

Trichy | Children’s gate: An election funding meeting was held in Trichy today on behalf of MDMK. Election funds were allocated on behalf of districts including Trichy, Thanjavur, Perambalur. MDMK general secretary Durai Vaiko attended the meeting.

Talking to reporters ahead of this event, Durai Vaiko said, “This is the first time in the history of Tamil Nadu that the governor has ignored the Tamil Nadu government’s speech in the assembly. It is ironic to say that the national anthem was not sung at the beginning of the meeting.

According to congregational tradition, the anthem is sung only when the meeting begins with the greeting of the Tamil Mother. The last time the governor disrespected the National Anthem was before it was played in the Legislative Assembly. Last time leaders Kamaraj, Anna, Periyar, Kalainar read the speech without naming them. There was no explanation for this. It prevents the government elected by the people from implementing the social programs of the people.

He doesn’t even have the basic qualifications to be a governor. BJP is acting as the representative of the government. Not only Tamil Nadu but also BJP. In non-state governments like Kerala and Punjab, the BJP government also intervened. We are working in alliance without any conflict for Lok Sabha elections.

It is not surprising that RSS flags will be hoisted and RSS slogans recited in times to come. RN Ravi is not qualified to be Governor, he is only qualified to be Political Secretary of RSS. The Union government runs a joint government with governors in non-BJP states. We are in the DMK alliance and will contest on behalf of the alliance. Our aim is to remove the sectarian BJP government. The seat-sharing negotiations with the DMK proceeded satisfactorily.

Our party has one Lok Sabha member and one Rajya Sabha member. We are currently asking for an additional Lok Sabha ticket in the constituency. The management of our federation will decide whether I will compete in Trichy. All the parties except Nitish Kumar are united in the Indian alliance. In some states, there is conflict between some parties, but there is hope that they will accept the elections with a minimum of understanding. BJP is talking about winning more than 400 seats. There is a suspicion that they will abuse the voting machine. The Union Government has not fulfilled any of its election promises. It is the Union government and not the state government that is responsible for the price hike. People understood that they were doing politics with religion. So BJP will not win. Indian alliance will win by defeating BJP.

Personally, I am not interested in electoral politics. But to travel in a political party, it is mandatory to compete in electoral politics. Whether I will go to the elections will be decided by the party leadership. The information would come from Kamalaya to place the alliance parties in the rising sun symbol. In the last election, it was necessary to stand in the symbol of the rising sun. But this time the party wants to stand on a separate symbol. We have also approached the DMK in this regard. Alliance leaders will make good decisions. We are fully confident that they will allow us to compete in a separate symbol. Everyone knows the conditions in Tamil Nadu, so there is hope that we will compete everywhere here.

I do not agree with Karti Chidambaram that BJP will win in North India. BJP says there are political parties from all states in the Indian alliance, but the members of the Indian alliance are creating divisions. “We have to go beyond their ideas of division based on religion,” he said.

Important dignitaries including MDMK leaders Manavai Tamilmanickam, Dr. Rohaiya, Cheran, Somu.

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