November 22 Singh Rashid: Today you will be depressed due to low income in business, be patient. Today’s Leo Horoscope 22 November 2023 Wednesday Leo Horoscope in Hindi IG news

Today’s Leo Horoscope

Daily Rashfal Singh: There will be a lot of busyness at the workplace today. People will have full support in politics. People will get the benefit of the government scheme by buying and selling land. Subordinates will be beneficial in employment. A good event will happen in the family. You may have to go away from home for some important work. Do your own work in the work area. Don’t leave it to someone else. There may be disagreements with senior people in the business field. People who are left alone after the death of their spouse. He may remarry. Anxiety and stress can increase due to anxiety. The unemployed will get relief by getting employment.

How will the financial life be?

  • You will be sad today due to low income in business. You will feel stress regarding the loan amount.
  • Due to unnecessary spending of money in the family, money will have to wander around.
  • You may get help from a new friend.
  • Your financial condition will improve in the field of work.
  • You will be particularly keen to buy clothes and jewellery.

How will life be today?

  • Today, due to a third person, there may be a distance in the love relationship.
  • You may suffer a lot due to job loss or suspension.
  • You may have to move away from your wife. Maintain balance in family relationships.
  • There may be unnecessary stress on the part of children.
  • The inclination to indulge in pleasures can humiliate you.

How will your health be today?

Health will decrease today. You may suffer from a serious illness. Patients suffering from blood disorders should avoid and take medicines on time. You may receive news of a loved one’s ill health. Don’t be careless about your health today. Otherwise you will suffer a lot. You may suffer from seasonal diseases like fever, stomach ache, cough etc. Do yoga and exercise regularly.

Take these special steps today.

Worship the sun. Offer jasmine oil and vermilion to Shri Hanumanji.