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New Delhi: China has made such a strange rule, which you will be shocked to know. It is believed that China is very concerned about its declining population. Now he is taking new steps to increase it. Under the new rule, couples in the southwestern state of Sichuan will now be able to have children without marriage. They will also be given the same benefits as a married couple and their children. According to a Reuters report, the new rule will allow couples to have children even without marriage. Which has been approved by the government.

According to Reuters, the 2019 rule allowed only married people to have children. It is being said that the birth rate and marriage rate in China is witnessing a significant decline. Due to which the government has taken this decision.

The new rule will come into force in February

Reuters has said in its report that this rule will be implemented from February 15. In the Sichuan region, if a couple wants to have children out of wedlock, they must first go to the local government and register them. However, the government has not set many limits on the number of children they can produce. The report claims that maternity insurance will also be provided to unmarried couples who register. This couple will also get maternity leave like a married couple. Women will also be given their full salary during the leave.

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According to media reports, Sichuan’s Health Commission issued a statement saying the move was taken to increase the population. That being said, China’s population has declined for the first time in decades. Strict measures are now being taken to increase it. Notably, China implemented the one-child policy in the 1980s to control population. It was removed in the year 2015. It is believed that the population of China decreased significantly due to this rule.

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