Nyaya Basadi: If you want justice, you should come here! A surprising place in Moodbidire IG News

Dakshina Kannada: A row of lush green trees. Eye Coraiso is a stone of black rocks. There is a narrow hall. Kandru has a great background like an old god’s temple. This is the Nyaya Mantapa (Nyaya Mantapa) which used to give justice to the entire town. That is why it is called Nyaya Basadi. So where is this building? See how special something is.

Yes, this place with a big rock, an old pavilion on the rock is Kodangallu in the outskirts of Dakshina Kannada. This mantapa, which can be seen here, was a famous place for judicial decisions in the past.

You will get justice here!
It is enough to ask for justice on this stone in Kodangal, it would be a decision. There was such faith and devotion at that time. Historians say that wonderful judicial decisions were preceded by this temple on the rock in Kodangal.

A fascinating place too

Surrounded by green forest, this massive rock is an equally attractive place. If you look from this place above, you will see that it is half overgrown. Apart from that, this rock is surrounded by lush greenery which is mind-blowing.

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It was a time when justice was given great respect!

There is a small altar in front of the mandap and people have been calling this place ‘Naya Basadi’ since ancient times. By “basadi” to the hall of justice, we can understand the respect that people gave to justice in the past.

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Nyaya Basadi
How to get to Nyaya Basadi (Image credit: Google Maps)

Even if there is no justice now, historians keep coming here. In addition, this spot, which many people do not know, is also the sun set point. All in all, it is a blessing to meet this old court.