old man in critical condition after getting trapped in barbed wire IG News

Bachhrawan/Rae Bareilly:- A 70-year-old man who was plowing the fields in Mubarakpur village of the local police station area got trapped in the barbed wire in the field. Due to which his condition became serious. Doctors have referred him to the district hospital after giving first aid. The incident took place when old man Hanuman Prasad, son of late Ram Prasad (70), resident of Mubarakpur Sampo, was cleaning the banks of the embankment after the plowing of the farm was over. He was cleaning the corners with the rotavator, the barbed wire attached to the poles got stuck in the rotavator. When the tractor moved forward, the wire also moved along with the rotavator. Due to being behind, the old farmer got entangled in those wires, he got serious injuries and in a hurry, the old man was taken to Bachhrawan Community Health Center. Where in view of the serious condition of the old man, he has been referred to the district hospital.


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