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Action against many people including Ghulam Nabi Azad, BJP President Ravindra Raina in Jammu and Kashmir

Sources said their outstanding dues had crossed Rs 2 lakh

Updated: Mar 12th, 2023

image : Twitter

The Jammu and Kashmir government on Saturday cut the electricity connection to the house of former Chief Minister and Democratic Azad Progressive Party chief Ghulam Nabi Azad. It is reported that the arrears on the electricity connection of his house were outstanding. Apart from this, Jammu and Kashmir BJP President Ravindra Raina also had to face this type of action. In a report, it was confirmed by sources close to the former Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha.

Jammu-Kashmir BJP president Raina said – I will go home after knowing what is the reason?

Raina said that I pay the bills regularly. Currently I am in Rajouri. When I return to Jammu will I find that the electricity connection to my house has finally been disconnected? Apart from Azad and Raina, the electricity connections at the houses of many veteran leaders have been cut. It also includes the name of former MLA from Ramban and BJP leader Neelam Langeh.

Outstanding loan amount more than 2 lakhs

It is worth mentioning that these three leaders live in government residences in Gandhinagar area of ​​Jammu city. Sources said their outstanding dues had crossed Rs 2 lakh. A source said that the power supply to the houses of people living in Valmiki Colony has been stopped. The people of this colony did not pay the electricity bill. He came from the neighboring state of Punjab and settled in Jammu decades ago. A senior engineer of the power department said that the people of Valmiki Colony claimed that they were promised all facilities by the then government of Jammu and Kashmir for sanitation work in Jammu city. That’s why he doesn’t pay the bills.


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