Once again attack on the country and its citizens IG News

Dupleix has once again paid the price in blood of innocent people for his state’s failure to stop the attack on the nation and its citizens. At the time these words are written, at least 54 civilians have lost their lives, while 100 others are battling various degrees of injuries, in a brutal bomb blast at a political conference in KP’s Bajaur district on Sunday. Some of them were on the verge of death.

It is important to consider how such barbaric behavior could be perpetrated against employees of a political party with a strong religious component. Despite having a very conservative outlook, JUI-F has chosen to contest elections and abide by the restrictions imposed by the Pakistani constitution.

This has enraged a variety of militant groups, who have battled democratic parties for control of the Pakhtun belt, particularly the tribal areas of KP and Balochistan. These groups include TTP, IS-K and Al Qaeda. For the same reason, these organizations first targeted and destroyed the ANP and the Quami Watan Party.

However, the JUI-F poses a greater challenge as it aspires to establish an Islamic government through democratic means, while terrorists prefer ‘jihad’ and the use of the sword. According to a recent study by UNSC, TTP and Al Qaeda may come together to increase their influence in South Asia. These incidents cast a negative light on Pakistan’s security establishment, and the National Action Plan appears to have done little to reduce violent crimes.

It also appears that the Taliban government next door is a concern. In the face of mounting difficulties, the national security apparatus cannot afford to lose focus. However, it appears that it has become too much lately. In fact, if its primary obligations are not met, criticism will inevitably follow.

Attacks on political gatherings in the past have suppressed the political activities of the targeted parties and eventually forced some of them out of the picture. As the country prepares for elections, such terrorist organizations may try to re-establish their influence by spreading fear.