One-day workshop of Bajjika Poetry-Kumbh concluded, we have come to shed light on the history of Vaishali – Ravindra Ratan – Latest Bihar News| Current News of Bihar IG News

A one-day workshop on Bajika, the mother tongue spoken by poets and litterateurs of Champaran, Sitamarhi, Sheohar, Darbhanga, Samastipur, Vaishali and Muzaffarpur of Bajjikanchal region, was organized by Usha Kiran ji, by the Sansthan Sanskar Bharati and by the All India Institute of Sahitya. For the happiness, prosperity and peace of the poets and writers who came and were ignited, the symbol was made with red sandalwood and akshat.

The program was presided over by litterateur Sharda Charan and conducted by Ram Naresh Sharma. Dr. Brahmadev Karya Shardacharan Prasad, Keynote speaker, Administrative Officer Dr. Ganga Prasad, etc. gave their views on the development of Bajjika. In the second session “Kavita-Kumbh” was organized. Poetry program was organized by calling district wise poets. The poets recited their poems and got a lot of applause from the audience. It rained poetry for about three hours.

As the main poet, Dr. 0 Brahma Dev Karyi, Sharda Charan Prasad, Harinarayen Singh Hari, Ravindra Kumar Ratan, Akhori Chandra Shekhar, Jwala Prasad Singh ‘Sandhya Pushp’, Amitabh Kumar, Sudha Kumari ‘Dr 0 Vidya Chaudhary’ etc. have written their poetry. made the juice rain from

All the poets and litterateurs were honored with organ clothes and decorated with the title of Bajjika Ratna.

Ratan ji his poem

From the feru of Jain-Buddhist religion

The flag has come to light.

We have been able to throw light on the history of Vaishali.

By reciting luck, he tied the knot.

In the end, the organizer Usha Kiran ji expressed his gratitude to the ‘Agat Kavi’ litterateur for coming in the working order and expressed his gratitude on his behalf.


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