ONGC helicopter crashes in Arabian Sea 4 killed IG News

Oil and natural gas company ONGC’s helicopter crashed in the Arabian Sea on Tuesday near an oil well off the coast of Mumbai.

While 9 people were traveling in the helicopter, 4 people died without any treatment.

Helicopters have been used by ONGC’s oil and natural gas wells in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Mumbai for official purposes.

Seven workers, including two pilots, were on board a helicopter equipped with floats to help land in seawater on Tuesday. It is about 90 km from Mumbai beach. The helicopter crashed into the sea while attempting to land at the Saga Kiran oil well site in the distance.

Upon learning of the accident, the Indian Air Force and Coast Guard launched a rescue operation. In addition, ONGC’s boat and rescue boat anchored at the Saga Kiran oil well were involved in the rescue operation.

Four of the rescued, including three ONGC personnel, were airlifted by helicopter to a hospital in Mumbai for intensive care. However, they died without treatment.

Pawan Hans recently leased a new type of helicopter, the Chikovsky, which was involved in the accident.