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News is coming in a few days that KCR is going to form a national party .. The existing TRS party is going to be changed to a national party under the name of BRS. There are also reports that KCR has already completed the exercise and is going to hold a meeting with party leaders and announce his decision on this. However, the reason is not known but .. KCR achituchi dealing with this matter. With the month of Ashada coming up in a few days .. there is a discussion going on in Telangana (Telangana) political circles that his national party statement may be postponed for another month. On the other hand, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

KCR, who had held a series of meetings with several leaders on the National Party issue for a few days in the meantime, is now hearing talk that the talks have been put on hold again. Has KCR reconsidered this issue? Or are you thinking of waiting a little longer? The talk also started. However, in the background of the BJP (BJP) national working group meetings will be held in Telangana soon .. KCR national party has anything to do with the meeting? Arguments are also heard. The BJP, which is holding national working group meetings in Hyderabad, is focusing on Telangana rather than national issues.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah will be in Hyderabad for two or three days. It has become interesting what they are going to do here. BJP is preparing a road map to bring BJP to power in Telangana. This time the BJP is of the view that Target Telangana should not be missed under any circumstances. That is why it has become interesting to see what kind of remarks Prime Minister Modi will make targeting the TRS at the National Working Committee meetings and the public meeting to be held at the Parade Grounds later.

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Speculations are rife as to whether KCR will also come to a consensus on its national party after it comes to clarity on how the Prime Minister will target them. Analysts are of the view that even if the BJP meeting as a whole does not form its own national party based on yours, KCRO is likely to come to clarity after the BJP meetings on what issues to focus on at the national level.

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