‘Only 7 kg rice for 81 children?’ team asked questions IG News

Central team started investigation of mid day meal
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Kolkata : The central team, which came to check the mid-day meal in the state, went to North 24 Parganas on Monday. Earlier, the team held a meeting at Vikas Bhawan. The team is headed by Anuradha Dutt, Professor of Confirmation Science, GB Panth Agricultural University, Uttarakhand. Before leaving for the district tour, he called it a routine tour. The central team investigated the situation of mid-day meal in all the states of the country. He told that the entire situation will be examined on the basis of the 32 indicators of the Central Government regarding mid-day meal.
On Monday, after reaching Banmalipur Unpaid Primary School in North 24 Parganas, the head of the visiting team went to the kitchen. After this, he examined the spices, rice and potatoes used in the mid-day meal. Also questioned why only 7 kg rice was allotted for 81 children? In response to the question, the cook said, ‘Children cannot eat even 100 grams of rice, they destroy it. Due to this, less quantity of food is prepared. Regarding the potato being more in comparison, he said that children like potatoes. It is worth mentioning here that even before the arrival of the central team, new aprons and gloves were given to the persons appointed by the state administration for mid-day meal. On this the team asked, ‘Do you always wear all this?’ Got the answer, ‘Gloves are worn, but it is not possible to wear the complete uniform all the time.’ In response to the question whether someone comes for regular check-up or not, it was said that regular visits are done by the panchayat and school management. It is worth mentioning here that the central team will visit different districts of the state till February 6. It is worth mentioning here that the Center had recently allocated Rs 372 crore funds to the state under PM Poshan Yojana so that school children can get proper nutrition.