Only 8 more years.. 8 crore Indians will be affected.. Shock study about the threatening heat wave! IG News

Due to the problem of global warming and climate change, the average temperature of the earth has been increasing continuously for the last few years. Especially various countries of the world have been affected by hot air. In this case, the World Bank has published a detailed study report on the impact of heat waves in India. According to the study, by 2030, about 20 crore Indians will be affected by extreme heat waves.

Also, by 2037, the demand for air conditioners in India will increase by 8 times as compared to the current situation. As a result, it is said in the study that the emissions of greenhouse gases will increase by 435 percent in the next 20 years. There will be a loss of about 1.6 lakh crores due to the pollution and heat generated due to traffic.

In this context, the need to focus on alternative energy production in the country and to make major investments in cooling the hot places has arisen. India needs to invest USD 1.61 trillion in the future in this sector. This will create jobs for 37 lakh people. Also, by focusing on alternative energy production, carbon dioxide emissions can be significantly reduced in the next 20 years, the study said.

Appropriate policy decisions should be made for this. The study suggested that India should aim to completely phase out devices such as ACs and bridges, which have the potential to impact the ocean, by 2047. Already, the international organization Lancet in its report has expressed concern that the number of deaths caused by heat waves in India has increased by 55 percent from the period 2000-2004 to the period 2017-21.

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