Orphan Rakhi returned after 20 years, Charsi woman had taken her for adoption and gone to America: used to torture IG News

An orphan from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh who was abused by an American woman has returned to her city after 20 years. The victim was adopted by an American woman from an orphanage in Lucknow in 2000. The name of the victim is Rakhi.

She was found as an orphan in Charbagh, Lucknow, who was sent to an orphanage. At that time the victim was only 3 years old. She stayed in this orphanage for two years. According to the news published in ‘Times of India’, after 2 years he was adopted by Carol Brand, a woman from Minnesota state of America. Carol had adopted Rakhi with the help of fake identity.

After this Rakhi’s life became hell. It was revealed that Carroll was addicted to drugs. As soon as he took her away from India, he started torturing Rakhi. Rakhi told that she had to work since the age of 12 to earn her living. Rakhi also had to pay rent to stay with Carol, which she collected by looking after other people’s children. After turning 18, Rakhi was thrown out of the house by Carol, due to which Rakhi had to stay in her university.

Rakhi told ‘Times of India’, “Carol was an investigator in an insurance company. He tortured me mentally, physically and sexually in my childhood. “Even in school, other children would not come near me because of Carroll’s nature and I had to bear all the suffering alone.”

Rakhi told that she complained about this behavior of Carol to her sister Nancy but she did not get any help there either. Rakhi has now changed her name to Mahogany Emberkai. Rakhi has said that Carol was never fit to adopt children but that is why she adopted Rakhi from India because considering her mental condition, her family had asked her to adopt a child.

Rakhi came to know about her adoption in 2016 when Carol committed suicide and then Rakhi found a paper containing this information. Rakhi then completed her studies and is currently a manager in a cafe. She has now come to Lucknow to find her real parents. Rakhi has told that she went to Charbagh police station and also the orphanage from where she was adopted. However, he could not get any information about himself.

Rakhi is now constantly gathering her information with the help of limited information. Along with Rakhi, her photographer friend Christopher is also helping her in finding her parents.