ORR Lease Row: HMDA serious about Revanth Reddy’s allegations.. Legal notices issued.. 48 hours deadline.. – Telugu News | Hyderabad ORR lease row: HMDA issues legal notice to Telangana Congress chief Revanth Reddy IG News

HMDA issued legal notices to TPCC chief Revanth Reddy. Revanth Reddy has alleged irregularities in the lease of the outer ring road around Hyderabad city. HMDA has issued legal notices to unconditionally issue a public apology to the media within 48 hours for these allegations.

The controversy over ORR tenders is getting darker. HMDA has sent legal notices to PCC chief Revanth Reddy for making false allegations. As the president of the state branch of a national party and as a member of parliament…Revanth is of the opinion that it is not appropriate to make such baseless comments. It has been clarified that this decision has been taken to generate revenue through ORR while following the guidelines of National Highway Authority. The complete details of these bids are also available to the general public in the public domain, HMDA said.

HMDA has expressed its anger that due to the false accusations made by Revanth Reddy in front of the media for politics, the image of the organization has been damaged. After receiving the notices, HMDA has demanded a public and unconditional apology from Revanth Reddy within 48 hours. Otherwise, HMDA has warned that criminal action will be taken. However, Revanth said that the court will decide on the legal notices sent by HMDA.

PCC chief Revanth Reddy made sensational comments on ORR toll tender. He alleged that the government is giving false information regarding the ORR tenders. He questioned whether 25 percent funds were paid within 30 days as per the letter of agreement given to RB.

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Revanth Reddy alleged that the ORR toll scam is a thousand times bigger than the Delhi liquor scam. He criticized that the property worth lakhs of crores was tied up for only 7 thousand crores. Revanth questioned the BJP leaders as to why they are not ordering an inquiry into this.

In the case of ORR lease, Revanth said that he mentioned only the issues in the concession agreement and the issues that happened during the tender process and did not distort the facts. He said that he has no intention of apologizing and is ready to fight legally.

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