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Bengaluru countryside: Drinking water Mariane, (Elephant) eating greens, baby girl, this cute baby (Oscar Award Elephant) is sure to make you want to give a big hug to anyone! But do you know how this Oscar-winning baby elephant (The Elephant Whisperer) came into the couple’s lap? Here is the emotional story!

Let’s go back approximately 6 years.. near a village called Tolvapeta near Hosur, a female died after being electrocuted at night. The rest of the jungles had returned to the forest. The baby elephant was crying to its mother. The story of the then orphaned baby elephant has won the Oscar award and has become world famous.

The Elephant Whisperers Wins Oscars 2023 Award Best Documentary Short Film

The Elephant Whisperers

From your district (Bangalore Rural)

Bangalore countryside

Bangalore countryside

Mariane, who ran without misdirection, was taken care of by the villagers
In the month of June 2017, a herd of wildebeests came near Hosur looking for food. A female elephant in a herd of wild boars was electrocuted at night near Tolvapeta village. A herd of wildebeests, which had been near the dead forest for a long time, left there early in the morning. However, the baby elephant, which was crying near its mother, entered the nearby Tatikal village without knowing its direction. The villagers rescued the baby elephant that was roaming inside the village and took care of it by feeding it with milk.

The Elephant Whisperers Wins Oscars 2023 Award Best Documentary Short Film

The Elephant Whisperers

Attacked by a pack of stray dogs
Knowing about this, the officials of the Denkanikottai Forest Department rescued the baby elephant and tried to add it to the group in the area where wildebeest roam in herds. However, the baby elephant was not included in the herd by the wildebeests. Thus, the baby elephant went to the nearby Thippasandram village, where a group of stray dogs attacked the baby elephant and injured it.

Another baby elephant is also sick

The villagers rescued the baby elephant from the dogs and handed it over to the Forest Department officials. He was treated by forest department doctors. The baby elephant’s health was bad. Meanwhile, the health of a baby elephant named Pomman of Mudumalai had deteriorated. Along with Pomman, the baby elephant was also treated for more than a week. Fortunately, the baby elephant recovered in good health. Also another baby elephant got along well with Pomman.

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Bomman and Belle are the couple’s cubs
Thus the baby elephants were sent to the Mudumalai Theppakadu Elephant Camp with Pomman for further care of the baby elephant and Mawuta Bomman. Bomman and his wife Belle, who were fostering baby elephants, named the baby elephant as Raghu.

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An Oscar-winning documentary about Bomman’s wife Belle and raising two baby elephants. Old footage of the baby elephant featured in the documentary has gone viral. People of Hosur part shared it on social media and expressed their happiness

Report: Adur Chandru, News 18 Anekal


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