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Ottawa paramedics say the child was brought to CHEO after coming into contact with a syringe at a local park IG News


Ottawa paramedics say a 2-year-old girl was taken to CHEO as a precaution Saturday after she found a syringe in a local park and put it in her mouth.

The Civic Hospital Neighborhood Association posted on Facebook that used needles and drug paraphernalia were seen on a play structure at Princess Margriet Park on Fairmont Avenue on Saturday and that a child had come into contact with a needle.

Ottawa paramedics told CTV News they were called to the nearby area just before 11:30 a.m. after a mother noticed her child had an uncapped syringe in her mouth. According to paramedics, the mother said there were other items nearby, including a tourniquet and crumpled aluminum foil.

The girl was taken to hospital in a stable condition. Other details are currently unknown.

Last week, Ottawa police, Ottawa paramedics, Ottawa Public Health and the Overdose Prevention and Response Task Force issued an alert about the supply of toxic drugs in the city. Ottawa Public Health data shows at least 22 people in the city died of suspected drug overdoses in January.

Paramedics also warned that needlestick injuries can spread blood-borne diseases such as hepatitis.

The Civic Hospital Neighborhood Association urged residents to be vigilant and report any discarded needles to 3-1-1.

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