Pakistan: A cleric rapes a child in Pakistan IG News

Lahore; News Agency: In the city of Gujarat in the Punjab province of Pakistan, a cleric called a minor boy to a mosque on the pretext of reciting duwa on the occasion of Ramadan and sexually harassed him all night. Police have registered a case of rape against Maulvi Mohammad Riaz. (Pakistan)

The incident took place on the night between March 9 and 10, when the cleric gave the boy sleeping medicine after eating. Raped him all night long. After waking up at 8 am, the boy was writhing in pain. (Pakistan)

When he questioned the cleric, the cleric beat him and threatened to kill him. Finally, after the boy told this matter to the family, a case was registered against the cleric.

The victim made the video to gain more faith in the cleric

In 2021, a boy was raped by a cleric in a madrasah in Lahore. When the boy complained about it, no one believed him. Then the boy made a video of the maulvi committing rape with him.

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According to a report, at least 8 children face sexual harassment every day in Pakistan

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