Pakistan-China to focus on tourism exchanges this year: Pak Commercial Adviser IG News

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This year, the Commercial Counselor of Pakistan plans to focus on tourism exchanges with China.

Beijing: This year is the year of Pakistan-China tourism exchange. We are completely focused on this. Pakistan has everything to become one of the best travel destinations in the world. Ghulam Qadir, Commercial Counsellor, Embassy of Pakistan in China, said that the Government of Pakistan has also identified tourism as a major priority.

He revealed that this year there will be many tourism related activities between the two neighbors.
He informed that along with all the cultural festivities, road shows will be organized which will showcase some of the tourist attractions of Pakistan and added, “We want our Chinese brothers and sisters to experience Pakistani cuisine and fashion from our trendy brands in Pakistan . We will come out with a complete guidebook to facilitate travel from China to Pakistan and vice versa.

“The opening up of tourism to China is a very positive sign for Pakistan. Pakistan has made extensive preparations to welcome Chinese visitors,” said Aftab ur Rehman Rana, managing director of Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation, China Economic Net (CEN).

From January 8, 2023, China resumed outbound tourism after upgrading its COVID-19 management measures from class A to B. Last year’s Spring Festival.

The popularity of Spring Festival tourism is only the beginning, and the Chinese tourism market will see remarkable improvements this year.
“International flights within the Asia-Pacific region will recover faster than intercontinental flights to other regions. We plan to gradually expand our international routes, said Qin Ye, deputy general manager of China Eastern Airlines’ Pudong Passenger Service Center.

“We have seen new highways, highways and side roads from south to east to north, and improving the road network is key to boosting tourism.” Aftab ur Rehman Rana said.

He emphasized the important role that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has played in transforming Pakistan’s tourism.
“CPEC not only improved access to various business centers and cities of Pakistan, but also facilitated access to various tourist sites. With better access, there will be many new developments in the coming years including the tourism sector, setting up of new hotels and tourist resorts along the CPEC routes.

Ghulam Qadir also said that CPEC is entering its second phase of high quality development, there is a need for more partnerships, joint ventures and visits. CPEC is the best example of friendship between the two countries. We are building highways that will connect Pakistan from north to south, Karachi and ports, and a railway project will be implemented very soon.

“We have such a long, brotherly, wonderful relationship, and we should capitalize on it. I think with the revival after the COVID-19 pandemic, Chinese people should be eager to step out of their homes and visit Pakistan ,” he said with confidence. – Application