Pakistan:A drug smuggling network busted in India, a senior Pakistani official involved in it – Pakistan Officials Bust A Drug Smuggling Network In India By Drone IG News

Pakistan officials bust a drug smuggling network in India by drone

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Recently we saw that drugs were being smuggled from Pakistan through drones into Indian territory. Whose video also went viral on social media and was the first video in which Pakistani smugglers were dropping drug packets in Indian territory. But Pakistan’s Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) on Wednesday exposed this drug smuggling network and said that the chief of Lahore Police Anti-Narcotics Wing is involved in smuggling.

Last week, Pakistan Rangers claimed that they have arrested six Indian nationals inside Pakistani territory for allegedly trying to smuggle drugs, arms and ammunition into Pakistan. Four of these alleged smugglers are from Ferozepur in India, namely Gurmeet Singh, Shinder Singh, Juginder Singh and Vishal Jagga. Ratan Pal Singh is from Jalandhar and Garvender Singh is from Ludhiana.

According to Punjab Police, Lahore Police’s Anti-Narcotics Wing chief Mazhar Iqbal is accused of smuggling drugs, especially heroin, into India through drones. Senior police officials said Iqbal has earned billions of rupees through smuggling and action has been initiated against him based on the statements of recently arrested Indian smugglers.

An FIR has been registered against Mazhar Iqbal, the chief of the anti-narcotics wing of the Lahore Police, for his alleged involvement in smuggling drugs across the border (India) through drones. He is being investigated, he has not been arrested yet. The Punjab Police official said that we have constituted a high-powered committee of senior police officers to further widen the scope of investigation into illegal cross-border smuggling of drugs.

As per the preliminary investigation, they said that some top police officers knew that Iqbal was involved in cross-border smuggling for years, but he managed to silence them to get away with his crime. The official said that after the arrest of the six Indian nationals, the matter was discussed at the highest level following which action was initiated against Iqbal. The police are expected to arrest other members of the network in Lahore as well.