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Pakistanis murder compatriots in Greece The cause of a small quarrel

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The two were Greeks for labor and argued over bedding.

Athens: In Greece, a Pakistani killed another Pakistani with a sharp instrument over a bedroom dispute.

According to the report of the world news agency A man named Anjum Yusuf was killed by his countrymen in Mykonos, Greece, and police have launched an investigation. But so far there have been no arrests.

Police said the killer and victim were in the same country, had been working for several days and lived together. There was a dispute between the two over some matter.

Meanwhile, Khurram, a resident of Gujranwala, told the media that Anjum Yusuf, who was killed in Greece, It’s my younger brother and he went to Greece 6 years ago where he got into an argument with a man from Sialkot over a small matter.

Bhai Khurram further stated that the accused along with his friends Attacked my brother after the fight. And my brother died with a sharp knife.

Khurram asked the Pakistan Embassy to provide legal assistance to bring back his brother’s body and bring the perpetrators to justice.

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