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Sfurat Sahasrara Shikha Thitivram
Sudarshanam Bhaskara Koti Tulyam|
Suradvisham is the destroyer of life Vishnu:
Chakra sadaham sharanam prapadye||

Meaning: The needle-like sharp part at the end of the saw is called ‘Aaku’ or ‘Ara’. “Sudarshan Chakrama” is the “Sudarshan Chakra” of Golupu Kanthuli, who is staring at the deadly Agrishikhas with thousands of shelves. No matter how much you look at it, there is a beautiful statue of Mangala, you are looking at the Lord of divine beauty, and you have a brightness comparable to the light of a thousand suns. You destroy the lives of the sinners who torment the Gods, the wise ones. I always take refuge in you who are the southern hands of the all-pervading Lord Vishnu.

Slo|| Vishno Rmukhottha Nila Puritysya
Yasya dhvani rdanava darpa hanta|
Tam Panchajanyam Sasikoti clean
Shankham Sadhaam Saranam Prapadye||

Meaning: Lord Vishnu’s adharamat is the food, he fills with Vayuva, and as the sound of your voice becomes deafening with joy, the pride of all the demons will be subdued. Such a terrible sound. They are white, cold and pure lights like the light of a million full moons gathered together. Shree Panchajanya Sankhama shining on the left hand of Lord Vishnu! I always take refuge in you.

Slo|| Hiranayim meru samanasaram
Kaumodakim Daitya clan Hantrim|
Vaikuntha Vamagra Karabhi Mrishtam
Gadam sadaham sharanam prapadye||

Meaning: “Kaumodaki” who wanders in the eyes of the left hand of Sri Vaikunthanatha who does not need any other help in exterminating the demonic clans, who is as sensible as gold, who is as strong as Mount Meru, is a Gadayudhama! I always take refuge in you.

Slo|| Raksho Suranam Haruthogra Kantha-
Chchedakshara Chhonita Digdhadharam|
Tam nandakam nama hare: illumination
Khadgam sadaham saranam prapadye||

Meaning: Janamatha: For those who are born as demons and are full of evil mind and are called asuras, born in any race with hatred of Vishnu and evil instincts and those who are called asuras who do blasphemy – Bhagavata denials, it is your job to cut off the voices that are cruel and strong, so that a continuous stream flows. Shri You shine in the divine hand of Lord Vishnu. “Nandaka” Manu is a sword king! I take refuge in you every now and then.

Slo|| Ya jjyaninada sravana tsuranam
Chetansi Nirmukta Bhayani Sadya:|
Bhavanti Daityasani Banavarshi
Sharnam sadaham sharanam prapadye||

Meaning: As the sound of Yalvadali (Jya Ghosham) infects the ears of the Deva Danava in fierce battles, the enthusiasm increases in the minds of the deities and the fear disappears completely. Jayamu Kalgunu. O Dhanassa, shower down a series of blessings like thunder on the demons. I always seek refuge in you.

Sloka : Imam Hare: Pancha Mahayudhanam
Stavam pathet yo nudinam prabhate|
All sadness and fear now:
Papani Nasyanti Sukhani Santi||

Meaning: All the sins of those who recite the hymn about these five divine weapons worn by Sri Hari every day in the morning will be destroyed. All fears will be removed immediately. Sorrows do not reach them. Experience all pleasures.

Slo|| Vane rana in the midst of enemy water
Yadrachyapatsu Mahabhayeshu|
This is Pathan Stotra Manakulatma
Sukhi Bhavet Tatkrita Sarva Raksha:||

Meaning: If you are lost in the forest, attacked by animals, caught in a war, afraid of water, fire, or any other danger that occurs in your head, if you recite this stotra once remembering these five weapons, those weapons will remove your fear and bring you happiness.

Slo || Sa Shankha Chakra Sagadasi Shargajam
Pitambaram Kaustubha Vatsa Chi Hnam |
Shriya is a radiant beauty
Vishnum sadaham sharanam prapadye||

Tattparyamu: Jewels to the devotees, weapons to the wicked and fear-inducing conch, chakra gada, sword, shargajamma wearing panchayudhams, appearing with the Peetambaram, wearing Kaustubhamani wearing the birthmark of Srivatsamanedi, Sridevi always present with lightning. I always serve Lord Vishnu, Lord Vishnu, who is bright like a blue cloud surrounded by a string. .

Slo|| Jale Rakshatu Varaha: Sthale Rakshatu Vamana:|
Atavyam Narasimhascha Sarvata: Pathu Kesava:||

Meaning: May Sri Varahaswamy protect the water so that it never reaches any sin! Let Sri Vamana Murthy protect us so that no accidents happen on earth! May Shri Narasimhaswamy save you from getting into dire accidents in the forests! May Lord Keshava, who gave Brahma a seat in his own body to Shiva, always protect him!