Pankaj Tripathi: Pankaj Tripathi has set up a village in a bungalow in Mumbai, said, so many gourds are produced every day that don’t even ask! – National Film Award Winner Actor Pankaj Tripathi Spends His Free Time In Agriculture Farming Horticulture IG News

Actor Pankaj Tripathi, who has made a distinct and solid identity for himself in Hindi cinema, may live in Mumbai, but here too he carries a village with him. Be it on the set, in a press conference or with other famous artists, if a loved one calls, they still talk in Bhojpuri. Pankaj Tripathi, true to his intentions and steadfast in his intentions, has built a house here in Mud Island, Mumbai.

This bungalow-like house is actually very suitable for Pankaj’s farming interest. During a meeting with the cast of the film ‘Fukrey 3’ for a video interview, he says, ‘In our house you will get a village-like atmosphere. We have planted a lot of trees and plants. There is a lot of papaya. Sapota trees are laden with fruits these days. You will find various types of plants at my place.

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And, vegetables etc? Pankaj Tripathi’s face lights up on hearing the name of the vegetable, ‘Brother, we only eat our own grown vegetables. What do they say, totally organic. Okra, ridge gourd, brinjal are grown in abundance, bottle gourd has become greener these days. So many gourds are produced every day, don’t even ask. We also make a lot of Dal Bati Chokha in the open and eat it with great pleasure on a cot there.

It is also worth noting that Pankaj Tripathi’s work in the film ‘Fukrey’ was only for a week, but as this franchise progressed, Pankaj’s star also started rising. Now he has shot for about 55 days in ‘Fukrey 3’. He also says, ‘I played the role of a doorman in the first film, now I am the doorman of this entire film.’ This video interview of Pankaj Tripathi and other stars of the film will soon be aired on

There is a lot of excitement among Pankaj Tripathi’s fans about his next upcoming film ‘Main Atal Hoon’. Pankaj says, ‘When I was in the village on the death of my father, leaders of all the parties of the state were among those who came to pay tribute to him. Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji’s personality has been such that all parties have been impressed by his personality. Apart from many other things, everyone also talked to me about this film and everyone said that they are eagerly waiting for this film.