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Parliament: President Draupadi Murmu said that India now has a government that is fearless and takes precise decisions. She addressed both the Houses during the opening of the Budget Sessions of the Parliament. She said that once India was dependent on other countries to solve its problems, now other countries are dependent on India. She said that the government is trying to help small farmers… The Center has spent heavily under the PM Kisan scheme. He said that the government is giving priority to 11 crore small farmers.

She said that in the last nine years, Draupadi Murmu, which explained the government schemes, policies aimed at the poor, water, housing, gas cylinders, food – every aspect of a person’s life has been taken care of by Prime Minister Modi’s government. She said that the government has spent over Rs 3.5 lakh crore for the free meal programme. Ayushman Bharat Scheme – By providing health insurance to the poor, the poor have saved Rs.80,000 crores, he said.

She said that the center is fulfilling the hopes of the poor, Dalits, backward and tribals. It is a great thing that the government is organizing Birsa Munda’s birthday for the first time. She said that Naxalism is limited to some districts… Under the Adivasi Ekta Mission, 36 thousand adivasi families are getting benefited.

He said that the center is looking at corruption as the biggest enemy of the country. The center has brought a strict economic law (Fugitive Economic Offenders Act) to check economic illegals.

Murmu said that India’s manufacturing capacity is increasing. International manufacturers are coming to India. She said that India is moving towards the manufacture of semi-conductors and aircraft parts… Imports of toys have fallen by 70%… Exports have increased by over 60%. Defense exports have increased 6 times due to government efforts. India has become the global manufacturing hub for mobile phones and components.

After this speech Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will introduce Economic Survey. The budget will be presented in both houses tomorrow.

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