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Parliament winter session: Parliament winter session is going to start today. A total of 17 days will be held. These are going to end on December 29. The Center is ready to introduce and approve 25 bills in these meetings. An All Party Meet was held yesterday in this regard. The government has asked the opposition parties to cooperate for the smooth conduct of the winter session. On this occasion, the opposition parties have mentioned some issues and asked the center to discuss them. The special thing about the meetings this time is that… these are the last meetings to be held in the old building of Parliament. The next meetings will be held in the new building of the Parliament. Originally.. it was originally thought to hold the last days of these meetings in the new building.. it seems that it may not be possible.

The main opposition Congress has decided to question the Center on the country’s issues in these meetings. Senior leader Sonia Gandhi and Congress president Mallikarjuna Kharge held a key meeting on this yesterday. The MPs were advised to raise the issues of the country in the Parliament and oppose the Centre. However, Congress sources say that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who is on a trip to Bharat Jodo, may not come to these meetings.

Challenges before the Centre:

This time too, there is no chance of a peaceful meeting of the Parliament. The reason for this is the situation in the country. There are many factors such as rising prices, devaluation of the rupee, job cuts and border issues. The opposition is ready to hold the center against them. At the same time, the Center wants the opposition to cooperate in order to make the country, which has recovered from Covid, run forward. Therefore, the meetings are likely to be held amid agitations.

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