Partition Controversies Haunting AP | Prabha News IG News

Amaravati, Andhraprabha: The state is still haunted by the division disputes. Recently, a new problem has come to the fore. According to the 1975 President’s order, all the government departments should provide services to the common 25 districts. Officials say that this matter is clear in Clause-1 of these orders. In this regard, various offices and projects have also been mentioned by name in the orders. However, the officials say that due to the division of the state, the President’s order should have been amended, and technical problems are arising due to non-compliance.

In this context, the Chief Secretary to the Government has issued a circular. The CS mentioned the departments and schemes mentioned in the President’s orders of 1975 and directed all the departments to explain their details and the latest situation. Regarding government departments, there are ACB, Vigilance Department of Civil Supplies Department, Railway Police, Flyrug Swads, Assistant Excise Superintendent Offices, Investigating Circles of Large and Medium Irrigation Projects, Rigs Divisions, Wildlife Management Circles.

Apart from these, there are 51 other divisions as well. Also, it is noteworthy that the posts in relation to some other departments are also mentioned in the then orders. In this context, the Chief Secretary was asked to submit the latest details related to the respective departments. Along with these details, recommendations and remarks related to the respective departments and organizations should also be submitted. Meanwhile, on the order of the President, the General Administration Department also released the gazette in the state. According to it, there are currently 33 irrigation schemes of Andhra and Telangana states.

They mainly include Vamsadhara, Dhavaleswaram, Tungabhadra, Srisailam, Nagarjunasagar, Nizamsagar, Pochampadu, Krishna Godavari Delta, Somasila, Jurala, Telugu Ganga, Visakhapatnam Water Slapa Development Scheme. At the same time, the Polavaram project, which is now a dispute between about five states, is also mentioned in those orders. After codifying all these, the center is likely to be sought for amendment orders.