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Irshadgul News report,

A commuter has captured the moment a railway staff member is seen whacking her phone before being issued a £60 fine for “putting foot on rail”.

Dylan McGee was on a Merseyrail train passing through the city center in Liverpool, Merseyside on Tuesday when two railway security members allegedly approached him.

The 21-year-old says the pair began questioning him, and issued him a £60 fine for putting his foot on the chair in front of him, despite him claiming he had put his foot “on the rail” next to him. having had.

The video shows Dillon explaining that his leg is resting on the crack between the seat and the wall before turning the camera to the man, who appears to be in the middle of taking his description.

Dylan says: “Just to get it on video, basically my foot was there and then my guy came over and he fined me for it. It’s not on the seat is it?”

The sports psychology student proceeds to zoom in on the staff member’s ID number before the staffer is seen swiping up on dialing and drops his phone from his hands.

Dylan can then be heard saying: “Oh my god, ow, oh my god. He just attacked me. Jesus.”

The video then cuts to two men standing over Dylan, one of whom says: “Stop putting cameras in our faces.”

Dylan replies: “It’s not in your face, and your camera is in my face so I don’t want to record myself. Thank you.”

The staff member replied: “We can record over here, it’s private property,” before Dylan added, “Yeah, I can record over here too, mate.”

The man replies: “No, you can’t”, resulting in a back-and-forth between the pair about whether Dylan can film them on the train.

Dylan says: “I know my rules, don’t start making rules – I can’t record on public transport? What are you talking about?”

The second railway worker then shouts, asking rhetorically: “You know the rules better than us?”

Dylan then replies: “It looks like I do yeah, my foot was on the railing and you’re fining me for that? Looks like a little discrimination going on.”

The other man retorts: “You’re a clown, you know that?”

The video then closes with the first staff member printing out a slip of paper detailing Dylan’s £60 fine.

The video was uploaded to TikTok yesterday with the caption: ‘May be he doesn’t [sic] attacked me but he appropriately aggressively slapped my hand and almost sent my phone flying it could be a different day [sic] Totally a different story.

The post has garnered over 11,000 likes and over 670 comments, with those who were quick to chip in on the situation.

One user wrote, ‘Mersrail is the only company in the country, which works to keep the feet on the seat. Fair robbery.

Another said: “The ticket inspectors are proper jobworthy.”

The third asked: “Why did you give your details?”

One replied: “Imagine you’re one of those guys doing this thing, proper helmet.”

A fifth commented: “Now be honest bro your foot was completely on the seat, wasn’t it?”

Speaking out on TODAY, Dylan said: “After the officers showed me my ticket they asked for my details and they said it was for my foot on the seat.

Dylan is fine. Image: Courtesy of Dylan McGee

“My leg was not on the seat which was on the railing. I felt like this was unfair and started recording the situation because I knew I was being recorded as well.

“The officer didn’t like it and took my phone. The officer was also very aggressive and intimidating towards me and used to call me names like ‘maskhara’ and ‘deewa’.

“I remained calm and cooperative. The officer then said that I was not allowed to record on the train as it was ‘private property’ and I told him that I know the rules and I am.

“Then he started making fun of me and said I knew the rules better than him and was laughing. It was very embarrassing for me especially in front of other passengers.

“He sat opposite me and told me that he was taking my details.

“I was saying ‘for what’ because I showed him my ticket and he was saying my foot was on the seat and I’m saying ‘it’s not, show me where it says I put my foot on the railing’ Can’t keep it’.

“I was refusing to give details so they stopped the train and were kicking me so I told them I will cooperate and started telling them details so that I don’t delay other passengers.

“Plus I didn’t want to get off or I would be late. That’s when I started recording.

“It hit my hand and luckily I was holding my phone, and it hurt a lot – my hand is still hurting a bit.

“I now feel extremely concerned about him getting back on the train after being assaulted by an officer.

“It has had a huge impact on my life as I haven’t attended uni, the gym or my sports group since the incident.”

A spokesman for Merseyrail said today: “Merseyrail operates a strict no feet on seats or seat frames policy.

“We do this because passengers tell us that it is important for them that seats are kept clean and tidy. This is enforced under railway bye-laws.

“While we cannot comment on individual cases, any complaint against a member of Merseyrail staff or employees of our partners is taken seriously and will be thoroughly investigated.

“Safety and comfort of all our passengers being our main priority, railway bye-laws are in place to ensure the best possible travel experience.”