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Pawankalyan on Chandrababu: Banning road shows and meetings in Andhra Pradesh is leading to serious tensions. All the opposition parties are furious with the government. In particular, the TDP ranks are expressing anger after the police blocked Chandrababu Naidu’s visit to Kuppam on Wednesday. The situation resembled a political battleground with clashes between the police and TDP workers in the heap. Even though the police tried to stop them, the police resorted to lathi charge. Chandrababu remained on the road for almost an hour when the police stopped him saying road shows were not allowed. He held the mike and spoke there. He expressed extreme intolerance towards the behavior of the police. On the other hand, as the news spread that Chandrababu was blocked, TDP workers became party leaders to an unexpected extent

Poured in a tsunami. Recently Janasena leader Pawan Kalyan reacted to this incident. They were angry with the government. Telugu Desam Party chief Chandrababu Naidu has announced that he condemns the government’s stance on preventing him from visiting Kuppam.

Pawan criticized that Jivo 1 was brought with the intention that the voice of the opposition parties should not be heard. If such a life had existed in the past, would Jagan Reddy have been able to march as an opposition leader in those days? Pawan asked.

He said that if the rulers are implementing anti-people policies in the state, it is their responsibility as opposition parties to take the side of the people. Already many times Jagan has ruled like a dictator.. but the opposition parties are fighting on public issues peacefully. However, he questioned why such dark answers were given

He reminded that similar creatures were revealed in Visakhapatnam in October. He was angry that he should not be seen from the vehicle, he should not greet people and he should not come out of the hotel. He said that he was told not to go now.

He infuriated that this kind of life was given with the evil intention of preventing the public from hearing the arguments of the opposition. It is outrageous that Chandrababu Naidu is prevented from visiting Kuppam by showing these orders as bogus. He said that he condemns the government’s attitude of acting like this tyranny.

As an MLA, Chandrababu Naidu said that it is his responsibility to visit his constituency and meet the people. They asked whether these orders will apply to Jagan Reddy as well. And they asked why they did not stop the show he did by standing on both sides of the road in Rajamahendravaram yesterday.

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