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Those at the forefront of Prince Edward Island’s tourism sector say they are not too concerned about the cancellation of its annual build-up. Anne of Green Gables – The Musical, And excited about the new opportunities.

world-record holder for the longest-running seasonal musical, Anne Charlottetown was the centerpiece of the festival for more than 50 years. From now on, it will only be manufactured every other year, and will next stage in 2024.

“It opens up some opportunities for some new programming and new productions,” said Corinne Clemens, CEO of the Tourism Industry Association of Prince Edward Island

Traditionally, Clemens said Anne of Green Gables – The Musical It has been a major attraction for tourists over the past decades, but the tourism offering on the island has since diversified to account for the changing demographics.

Corinne Clemens, CEO of the Tourism Industry Association of Prince Edward Island, said she was glad the musical would still come back every other year. (Steve Bruce/CBC)

“It’s nice to know that we now have a lot of offerings that I think appeal to the masses,” he added. Anne of Green Gables And Lucy Maud Montgomery will always remain a staple for the island.

more awareness likely

Despite the show now going into productions every other year, Clemens said he’s excited the show will be presented in 2024—150 years after Montgomery was born in 1874.

“It’s a major part of our tourism product and the culture here, so I think it would be heartbreaking if it didn’t come back.”

going forward, the right to Anne Will be available to other productions, schools and non-professional community groups under the terms of a reissue rights agreement.

Clemens said he hoped opening the door for other groups to produce the music would help promote the story across the country.

“I think it probably helps create some more awareness, more excitement and get people talking and thinking about Prince Edward Island,” she said.

room for new opportunities

John Cudmore is general manager of the Holman Grand Hotel across the street from the Confederation Center, which produces Anne.

Cudmore said that although music has been a big draw for tourism over the years, other shows have also been successful in attracting people to the island, such as tell tell harbor the last summer.

“It’s amazing how it’s picked up, and we’ve been calling people from all over the region for the last year to come enjoy it,” he said.

John Cudmore, general manager of the Holman Grand Hotel, said he is excited to see the opportunity to put other Canadian shows on productions. (Steve Bruce/CBC)

he said to be Anne Having the musical on a rotating schedule every other year is a great idea, keeping it close and fresh in people’s minds. Plus, it gives more opportunities to put on new productions.

He added, “Anything that lasts this long is amazing. But leave some room for something new to happen and establish a new legacy.”

“As long as we can keep some good Canadian shows going, you know, it’ll be fine.”


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