People of Bhoa constituency of district Pathankot are forced to live a hellish life – News18 Punjab IG News

Jatin Sharma, Pathankot

Pathankot: Today, where the present governments are seen making big claims of development in rural areas on the lines of urban areas, but if we see the picture of village Nangal Kothian in Bhoa constituency of district Pathankot, then all these claims of the government seem to be false. are On the one hand where the 75th anniversary of independence is being celebrated. There, the people of Nangal Kothian village are forced to live a life of slavery. The people of Nangal village are troubled due to non-availability of water. While people are suffering from many diseases due to this dirty water, the crops of the farmers in the villages are also getting damaged due to the dirty water and the Gram Panchayat is not paying any attention to this.

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The villagers said that this dirty water is going inside their houses, due to which their family members are often afraid of serious diseases. He said that a big drain was built in the village to drain this water, but it was also closed, after which this dirty water of the village started standing on the roads.

He has told that the villagers also informed the cabinet minister Lal Chand Kataruchak about this problem and the village panchayat was also asked several times to find a solution for it but no solution was found, due to which the villagers protested and protested against the government.

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