Personal criticism and attacks on Lokesh without any subject : Minister Kakani IG News

Nellore: Minister Kakani Govardhan Reddy said that Telugu Desam leaders are playing politics if the name of Health University is changed. Speaking to the media on Friday, he expressed his anger that the TDP leaders are in the habit of creating problems and making excuses for everything. It is said that they will fight in the Assembly and get suspended and go out. He said that TDP leaders do not come forward to discuss public issues in the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council. If the agriculture department is discussed, Lokesh has tried to make personal criticisms, because there is no subject, will he make personal criticisms and attacks? He asked. If Chandrababu has sincerity, he wants to tell how many ways he has troubled NTR.

NTR questioned why the TDP, which came to power with difficulty, is not being handed over to the family now. He said that all Telugu people remember the shoe attack on NTR near the Viceroy Hotel. NTR has said many times that he was hurt by Chandrababu. He said that Chandrababu has no shame or shame. LOKESH grows his chin and roars like a big tiger. He asked. He warned that Chandrababu’s work was done in Kumpa and people would chase him there. Minister Kakani Govardhan Reddy complained that Chandrababu cannot even tread the threshold of the Assembly.

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